Home Christian Values Godless Communism driving moral collapse of South Africa – VIDEO

Godless Communism driving moral collapse of South Africa – VIDEO


In recent times African societies have become renowned for their maintenance of traditional views on gender roles in the face of the global Marxist onslaught. In the Roman Catholic and Episcopal Churches, for example, conservatives can always count on a vast majority of African bishops and pastors to endorse orthodox positions in regards to sodomy, transgenderism, and so on.

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At least in the public mind, these degeneracies are rightly shunned in homogeneous black African nations to a far greater degree than they are in multicultural Western nations. Because the white man has historically been the vessel providentially chosen to take the lead in exercising the dominion mandate and carrying the gospel across the world, the forces of darkness have been most aggressive in their attack on traditionally Christian white nations.

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Comparatively, until very recently, Africans have largely been spared much of the sexual revolution propaganda shoved down the throats of whites since World War II. Given this fact, it was rather remarkable that South Africa would become only the fifth nation in the world to legalize full “marriage” and “adoption” rights to sodomites in 2006.

However, there is one telling difference between contemporary South Africa and all its sub-Saharan neighbors – the former’s explicit embrace of multiculturalism as a national founding principle.

The 2006 legislation was, at the time, at odds with the moral convictions of the vast majority of the people of South Africa. A decade ago the isolation from globalist influences ensured by apartheid was still far more prevalent than today. South Africans’ embrace of the Marxist ideal of multiculturalism has coincided with the disappearance of the ‘moral majority’ in the country: last week, a study revealed that for the first time a majority (51%) of South Africans embrace same-sex ‘marriage’ rights.

Additionally, the percentage of the population who ‘strongly disagree’ with the institutionalization of this degeneracy has decreased from 48% in 2012 to just 23% in 2015.

In his famous speech in Acts 17, the apostle Paul taught a very important eternal truth: that ethnonationalism is a vital means for the establishment of godly societies (vv. 26-27). The implication – that multiculturalism would lead to godlessness – is clearly proven by the moral state of South African society today.

The homogeneous communities that apartheid created aided in securing the godliness characteristic of South African society just three decades ago, when abortion was still criminalized and the unnatural still shunned. By contrast, the latter is today publicly celebrated and 130 000 babies are slaughtered annually.


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