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The Knights Templar International Order – Representing YOU at the highest level world-wide.


The KTI hold top level diplomatic meetings in Parliaments, Governors offices, Bishops palaces and corporate HQ’s almost every day of the week worldwide to make sure our agenda, your agenda, the agenda of Christ is presented to those who make the decisions that affect millions across the planet.

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We are noted for our discretion and secrecy, for this we make apology, it is our way and shall remain so. However, in this media led age we do understand that when possible we need to show a small glimpse into the work our fantastic Knights do and when safe to do so, we do put up posts and produce reports.15153003_364551093883235_697956181_o

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Sadly we can only report on a fraction of our missions as we routinely are asked to remain silent on the meeting we host or participate in and as Templars we guard our solid reputation for discretion with a fierce rigour.  Leading diplomats, business leaders and Church officials often call upon the Templars to act as middle men, advisors or personal conveyors of messages where discretion is required or the task could prove somewhat ‘fraught’.

KTI try to show our people as much as we can and on-line you can see the huge range of activities we do as one can also in the magazine of the order, The Crusader’ but remember, this is a mere snippet of our activities so you can imagine the scale of our operations week after week.


As we grow we are constantly on the lookout for brethren who can become envoys for the order, people who are well educated and of independent means with a professional background who can complement our diplomatic corps.

If you think you have what it takes you should contact the order and arrange an interview. Successful applicants do receive some financial assistance but all our people are self-sufficient and such a position will require the means to pay for ones travel, accommodation and sustenance generally.

So if you are up to it, have the necessary assets, experience and drive, please get in touch. Non nobis, Domine, non nobis,sed nomini tuo da gloriam.


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