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Agents provocateur ‘neo-Nazis’ banned as ‘liberal’ State turns nasty after Brexit & Trump


The first ‘nationalist’ group to be banned in Britain since 1940 has been proscribed by the UK government. Just hours after boasting that such a ban was impossible, the sadly misled youngsters of National Action found out they were wrong. The raids have already started and their doors are being kicked in right now.

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And that is just the beginning. They will find out in the days and weeks ahead just how serious and uncomfortable the ‘martyrdom’ they courted with their repugnant and juvenile antics is going to be. Some radical Islamists arrested under the same regulations have already been in prison for up to eight years without trial. So young men who should have been marrying, having children and leading positive action to build communities and businesses to employ our own people are liable to be denied all of that – just as the agents provocateurs pushing their suicidal rhetoric intended.

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Other evil effects of the irresponsibility that led to the ban, and of the liberal intolerance behind it, is that a dangerous precedent has now been set. Because National Action have been banned not for inciting or glorifying violence, but for “anti-semitism, racism and homophobia” – Thought Crimes.

So criticising Zionism, opposing immigration and affirming Biblical injunctions in favour of the Family and against homosexuality can now get an organisation banned and its members locked away without trial. It’s a disaster for free speech and for resistance to liberalism and cultural Marxism – just as the agents provocateurs intended.

Perhaps unintended is the other inevitable future consequence of driving angry young men (who do, as Brexit reminded us, have a lot to be angry about) even further away from the democratic or peaceful counter-power roads and down the dead-end of terrorism.

Finally, there is what this does to the concept of the Rule of Law, which has to be based on equality before the law. Because, for all the ugliness of their rhetoric and tweets, National Action never hurt a fly. Compare this with the various far-left groups, from the Cameron-sponsored Unite Against Fascism through to Antifa. Between them these gangs are responsible for literally hundreds of violent attacks on patriots and traditionalists, ranging from intimidation through to the wrecking of cars and up to and including attempted murder.

So why are THEY still free to promote hate and bring violence to the streets? We all know…

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