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This charity say that Donald Trump will SAVE Christianity in the Middle East

Christians in Syria and Iraq who have been persecuted by the brutal jihadis have reason for hope when Donald Trump takes office in January, according to Dr Yvette Isaac. Join today

Dr Isaac, the general director of non-profit Roads of Success says Mr Trump’s tough stance against ISIS will stop the jihadis in their tracks as they continue attempts to wipe out Christianity from its birthplace in the Middle East.

Before 2011, Syrian Christians numbered about eight per cent of the population of 22million. Today about half are believed to have left the country.

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Dr Isaac says the Obama administration has stood by as ISIS goes on the rampage in Iraq, Syria and Egypt.

Dr Isaac said: “They have allowed this to happen by being silent.

“Donald Trump will be very positive for Christians in the Middle East. I really think he will be positive for Christians in Syria and Iraq.

“He recognises the threat from ISIS, he knows it can come to anywhere in the world and if you give it a chance, it will come into every home.”

Throughout the election campaign, the President-elect vowed to defeat the terrorist and said ISIS would disappear “very, very quickly” under his administration.

Mr Trump said: “I won’t tell them where and I won’t tell them how. We must as a nation be more unpredictable.

“Containing the spread of radical Islam must be a major foreign policy goal of the United States and indeed the world.”

Hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled the Middle East in recent years.

In Ninevah Plains, Iraq more than 100,000 Christians have been forced out of their homes since ISIS occupied the region.

The Christian population of Iraq has been decimated from two million in 2003 to just 180,000 today.

But Dr Isaac says Christianity will remain in the Holy Land as some of the oldest Christian communities in the world vow to stay in their homes.

Dr Isaac said: “The biggest threat to Christians in Syria is ISIS and all of those terror groups. They call themselves different names and they make the world think they are different groups but it is all one big family.

“They have different names but the same vision and the same mission and this is going on all over the Middle East.

“The blood is their satisfaction.

“The Christians don’t want to leave. Their faith and their love of their country, they don’t want to leave and lose their roots.

“They don’t want the church to leave Syria and that is what ISIS are trying to do.

“They are trying to get the church out of the Middle East and it will become the darkest place in the world.”

Earlier this year experts warned Christianity could be wiped out in parts of the Middle East within months if ISIS was allowed to continue.

In April, MPs ruled that ISIS’s treatment of Yazidis and Christians amounted to genocide.

Dr Isaac added: “I think after the new administration, the world will come together. America, Europe and Asia to address this. The community will unite and say enough is enough.

“I don’t think Christianity will ever leave the Middle East but it depends on us.

“Donald Trump is humble enough to listen to others and I have great hope that the cabinet and his advisors will also listen.

“I think they can give Christians hope.”

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