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Interfering in other peoples’ countries? Obama knows ALL about that! [video]


Lame-duck Obama has plunged America into a totally unnecessary new Cold War crisis with his hysterical exploitation of the totally unproven claims that his Russian counterpart interfered in the US election. We all hope that this is just another of the dying regime’s last gasp Executive Orders that Donald Trump will scrap just three weeks from now.

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Meantime, it’s worth remembering that the Obama regime has openly admitted spending vast amounts of your tax dollars interfering in Russia and in Putin’s backyard.

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Right: Obama’s Secretary of State Victoria Nuland handing out cookies to the pro-EU neo-Nazi demonstrators who went on to bring down the pro-Russian Ukrainian government.

Below: some of the thugs that Obama and Nuland spent $5 Billion of your taxes to help put in power in Ukraine.

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Here’s what wrecking Ukraine as a way of hitting Vladimir Putin cost American taxpayers

And here’s what Nuland’s puppet regime has done with its ill-gotten power….


The sooner President Trump drains the whole Washington swamp of the criminals who did this, and invites the Russian diplomats back, the sooner he can heal the damaged relationship between the USA and Putin’s Christian Russia. It’s time to take the Lame Duck and wring its neck!

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