Home Brexit Respect the Vote: MPs BESIEGED with pro-Brexit Christmas cards

Respect the Vote: MPs BESIEGED with pro-Brexit Christmas cards


Remoaners Anna Soubry, Alan Johnson and Pat McFadden have been the targets of a mail blitz orchestrated by campaign group Change Britain, who sent pro-Brexit greetings cards urging them to respect the referendum result.

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The card reads: “All I want for Christmas is Brexit.”

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The group also set up street stalls across the country to hand out the cards to local MPs, asking that they trigger Article 50 unconditionally.

Despite the Commons vote last week where MPs voted almost unanimously to trigger Article 50 by the end of March next year, some arrogant MPs could still attempt to block Brexit.

The symbolic vote might not stop Europhiles such as Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg and Anna Soubry voting against Article 50 when the vote comes in more than three months’ time.

Change Britain has asked thousands of voters to sign Christmas cards to local MPs in a bid to prevent them denying the will of the British people.

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