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The Times publishes retraction after Templar smear – ‘fake news’ row continues to build


Freedom and peace? Or censorship and violence? These are the questions at stake in the news coverage of so-called ‘fake news’. A full-on attack on the Knights Templar International in The Times (of London) has highlighted several important issues connected with this vital issue.

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The Times is among the many Establishment news outlets making hysterical claims that recent populist electoral rebellions are being fueled by ‘fake news’ supposedly put out by far-right propagandists, Vladimir Putin or Martians (the culprits seem to change day by day).

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As we have already noted, the thing that is destroying both the power and the profits of the liberal corporate media is in fact not ‘false news’ at all – it is the way in which social media has given ordinary people and patriotic and traditionalist activists the ability to communicate real facts and alternative opinions to other ordinary people.

They are right to be worried: The online ‘reach’ of the network of newsfeed sites operated by the Knights Templar is at least one hundred times greater than that of The Times. But to  seek to solve this ‘problem’ by lies, censorship and repression is a monstrous mistake.

Seeing their influence and cash flow melt away, the liberal elite’s controlled media are now working overtime to try to discredit their Alt Media rivals. In order to restore their undemocratic monopoly on the formation of public opinion, ‘mainstream’ news outlets including the Times are whipping up hysteria about so-called ‘fake news’, in order to push for a massive clampdown on free speech on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Here was the Times at its work late last month, attacking the KTI:

Our lawyers wrote to the Editor complaining about a number of inaccuracies in this leader, which accompanied a double page spread attack on our organisation and activities, particularly our provision of assistance and protective equipment to volunteer guards on the Bulgarian border, who have subsequently been thanked for their efforts by their government.

We are pleased to report that this has led to the following retraction from The Times:

“Lessons of History”, 26 November 2016 (“the Leader Comment”) The Leader Comment published on 26 November “Lessons of History” mistakenly included the allegation that Bulgarian vigilantes “beat up” immigrants. This was an honest mistake, introduced in the editorial process. The error was drawn to the attention of the editorial team and it was removed from the online edition of the Leader Comment on 28 November. The Times will publish the following clarification in print and online to address this mistake. In Lessons of History (26 November 2016), we incorrectly stated that the Bulgarian vigilante group supported by Knights Templar International, beat up the immigrants it captured crossing into Bulgaria from Turkey. The group has not been accused of beating up immigrants. We are happy to make this clear.

So here we have it. The Times, now busy reporting on the dangers of ‘fake news’, produced a piece of real fake news to condemn an organisation which it wrongly (because the news we report is inconvenient to the elite, not ‘fake’) accuses of spreading fake news! Absurd? Cynical? Or both?

This raises several interesting points, particularly that comment about their ‘honest mistake’. Let us accept it as such. The Times has admitted it and is going to print a correction. Well, great. But, according to Establishment demands against ‘false news’, if any non-System news outlet makes a similar mistake, it is liable immediately to have its accounts on Facebook, Twitter and so on closed down.

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And a whole network of left-liberal pencil-monitor bullies are at this very minute being trained and organised by George Soros-funded foundations to monitor the patriotic Alt Media, 24/7, looking for excuses to launch such shut-down attacks. This is getting noticed – and it’s making people angry!

Really, the MSM should be careful about turning the spreading of ‘fake news’ into a reason for closing down media outlets of any kind. You’d think that they’d be a little shamefaced and wary after being caught helping the neo-con global elite destabilise the whole world by destroying Iraq on the basis of the patently fake news about “Weapons of Mass Destruction”! Or telling us that hillary Clinton was going to cruise to victory over an ‘unelectable’ Donald Trump!

In reality, of course, any news outlet that regularly peddles fake news (as opposed to making the occasional unavoidable genuine mistake) is dealt with by its readers and viewers. Ordinary people are not as ‘stupid’ as the elitists think. Which is precisely why, after years of lying about the wonders of globalism, the joys of multiculturalism and the peacefulness of Salafist Islam, the once mighty mainstream media are reduced to trying to use the might of states and corporations to silence a rag-tag band of Alt Media rebels.

And it’s why this attempt to censor Facebook and other social media platforms will in due course blow up in the liberals’ faces even more than their lies have. Because dissidents and ordinary punters alike have a choice. Facebook has been the social media network of choice for the long-silenced ‘blue-collar, white working class’ precisely because it was a place where people could say and share what they wanted.

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The moment that is no longer possible, people will start to look elsewhere. This is why Facebook is in rapid decline in Germany, with people uncomfortable with the Merkel propaganda machine switching in droves to the Russian equivalent VK.

So we make a prediction: It is not possible to censor Facebook and other social media platforms to the extent demanded by the terrified liberal elite without killing their business models. Nor is it possible to put the genie of social media freedom of effective expression back in the bottle.

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Either ‘they’ leave Western social media outlets free (which actually means lifting censorship barriers already in place) or they cannot complain when, in a couple of years time, they find that every anti-globalist dissident in the world has migrated to new social media forums which make a point of not permitting censorship of any kind. Which would mean putting the disenchanted and the justifiably angry into a gigantic echo chamber of bitter alienation.

It might serve to reduce their influence on democratic votes such as Brexit and Trump, but long-term the only impact of that would be to convince even more people that elections change nothing. Which would lead to a hunt for alternatives. From the far-left and the far-right, from Islamists and anti-Islamists. From animal welfare activists through to anti-abortionists.

In short, censorship – where it ‘only’ hits minorities, is an invitation to terrorism. And where it offends majorities, it is an engine for revolution. Let freedom reign – for in her reign is peace!



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