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Will America or Russia assume leadership of the Christian world in the fight against abortion? VIDEO


On the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents – the babies murdered by Herod in his bid to kill the infant Jesus – the question arises of which nation can claim to lead the Christian world. Donald Trump has moved America forward by announcing his plan to defund the abort-for-profit Planned Parenthood corporation.

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Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed a pro-life activist, mother of six, and wife of a Christian priest as the head of the Russian Commission for the Protection of the Family and Children’s Rights. The appointment offers hope that, while the abortion Holocaust continues in the West, the horror may be coming to an end in Russia.

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Matushka Anna Kuznetsova, 34, replaces Pavel Astakhov in the nation’s highest pro-family organization. The mother of four sons and two daughters has her husband Rev. Aleksei Kuznetsov’s full support. “Matushka” in Church Slavonic (Russia’s most popular ecclesial language) refers to a priest’s wife and means “Little Mother.”

Kuznetsova previously led the Pokrov Fund for the support of family, motherhood, and childhood in central Russia, and also had served in other pro-marriage and family posts.

An outspoken opponent of abortion, Kuznetsova enumerated the dangers of abortion in a much-publicized 2009 interview. Trained as a psychologist, she has also worked as a pro-life counselor. She favors a complete ban on abortion throughout the country. Her husband, the Orthodox priest Fr. Aleksei, is an outspoken public advocate of abstinence before marriage.

“Pokrov” in Slavonic refers to the prayers of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who Russian Orthodox Christians profess as the “Theotokos” or mother of God, because they believe Jesus is nothing less than fully divine.

The president of the American Orthodox Institute, Fr. Johannes Jacobse, characterized Kuznetsova’s appointment as promising. “They see the need to strengthen the traditional family structures,” Jacobse told LifeSiteNews. “Elevating the importance and safety of children, which begins by battling ideologies that justifying their destruction in the womb, is a good and necessary place to begin.”

“This challenges the prevailing idea that the value of creating a family rises no higher than personal fulfillment and thereby contributes to the decline of nations and civilizations,” Jacobse added. “Russia clearly has decided it will not go the way of Sweden and other European nations.”

“Most European nations are in a kind of death spiral, where the population is declining and nations may even disappear,” Jacobse explained. “The replacement rate is so low in Sweden, for example, that in 20 years non-Swedes will dominate the population and the historical Sweden will no longer exist. Russia is taking declining birth rates seriously.”

After her appointment was announced, Kuznetsova told the Russian News Agency TASS, “It is very difficult to transition from a public activist into a civil servant, but I think that all the options have been looked into.”

Russia has suffered from abortion on a scale that can only be described as a Holocaust. For every one of the 20 million Russians estimated to have died in the Second World War, more than five have been murdered through abortion. Taking into account the children that those butchered babies would have had, the population loss probably totals something in the region of 150 million.

This loss is not just a demographic, social and economic disaster; it is also the one great evil that prevents Russia today from being the absolute champion of Christian values in the modern world. This new appointment suggests that this situation may soon be put right! Pray that it is so!

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