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Anti-white hate preacher gets 30 day Facebook ban for inciting mass murder! [video]


Meet a man who poses as a Pastor while inciting violence against innocent families just because they have paler skin than him!  Xola Skosana of The Way of Life Kilombo in Khayelitsha, Cape Town is a notorious ‘black liberation’ preacher who recently got a Facebook ban for posts like the one below.

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Of course, if any white person posted hatred like this aimed at ‘ethnic minorities’, their page would be shut down completely. But as the ‘Pastor’ is black and the people who hates so much are merely white, the ban is only for 30 days.

Skosana has a significant presence on Facebook in South Africa, so his incitements represent a very genuine danger to the countries embattled and brutally oppressed white minority, particularly the Boer farmers, who already face a genocidal campaign of appallingly brutal ‘farm murders’.

The remaining Boers in South Africa have very little time left. That’s why why are working hard to try to find places they can go and sensible, pro-Christian European governments who will give them shelter. If there is any way you can help in practical terms, please get in touch. If not, then please say a prayer that this good, sturdy, God-fearing people may be saved from the coming storm…

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