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Citizen JAILED for organizing peaceful protest against ‘refugee’ dumping – time to organise Prisoners’ Aid networks [video]


As popular resentment against the immigration invasion of their country grows, Italians are finding the Brussels puppet regime which ‘governs’ them increasingly ready to lash out with repressive measures. In the latest outrage, the organiser of an entirely peaceful demonstration has been fined and given a prison sentence for daring to speak out.

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He was found guilty of staging a demonstration in front of a hotel designated as a future center for migrants in order to show his dissent against the arrival of refugees.

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Alex Cioni, the leader of the Committee Prima Noi [First Us], was sentenced by the Tribunal of Vicenza to 5 days in jail and €1,310 fine for unauthorized protest. The peaceful demo was condemned because, according to the judge, it had not been formalized beforehand by a request to the public security authorities.

Not a hard sentence for something criminal, but outrageous for a peaceful expression of community concern. And now the ‘principle’ has been established that such state repression is acceptable, be in no doubt that, as things carry on, the repression and the sentences will get VERY much tougher.

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Above and below: Images from campaigns to support prisoners on both sides of the old sectarian divide in Northern Ireland. There are many lessons to be learnt from such experience by patriots and traditionalists as we enter a time of steadily increasing polarisation and repression.

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This is why the KTI are quietly going about encouraging the formation of Prisoners’ Aid networks. We have a lot of experience in this field from the time of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and we are very happy to share it with genuine patriots anywhere. The offer is always open.

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