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They go to prison for us, so we must all stand behind them – KTI Prisoners’ Aid Benefit Night [video]


As states get steadily more repressive, it is the duty of every freedom-lover to stand by those persecuted for standing up for their nations. This is why the Knights Templar International are working to bring our experience in Prisoners’ Aid networks to patriotic groups around the world who are new to this sort of situation.

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Here are some more photos and a video clip from our pre-Christmas fund-raising social for the imprisoned Hungarian Arrows.

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Above: The wife and children of patriotic leader György Budaházy, sentenced to 13 years on the uncorroborated word of a police grass.


Left: Hungarian Grand Prior Imre Teglasy translates the stirring address by Brother James Dowson, who gained years of experience helping political prisoners and resistance fighters in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

The banner reads: “Not a Terrorist – a Patriot!”





priestRight: Among the speakers was the leading Reformed Church (Calvinist) minister in Budapest. The audience also gave a warm welcome to, among others, György Budaházy’s sister Edda and to the leaders of the Movement for the Defence of Hungary, the Bandits’ Army and the Hungarian wing of the Identitaires youth protest movement.





Many thanks to everyone who gave so generously so we could pay for the whole event in order that all ticket money and donations went to help the prisoners’ families.

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