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Liberals wake up to how ‘we’ did Brexit and Trump – now watch them make it even worse!


The liberals finally waking up to how we (our network of newsfeeds and all the other players in the traditionalist Alt-Media) did Brexit and Trump! But they are still missing one key point: It works for us because most working class people are essentially on our side. The left’s messages just don’t have appeal or traction. Ours do.

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Here are some of the key points in this insightful article in the ultra-liberal Guardian newspaper about what happened last year:

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“The first is that much of Trump’s campaign rhetoric would never have got past the editorial “gatekeepers” of an earlier era – the TV network owners and controllers, the editors of powerful print media and the Federal Communications Commission with its “fairness doctrine” (which required holders of broadcast licences to “present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced”).

“The second reason is that in the pre-internet era, the multitudes of Trump’s vigorous, engaged and angry supporters would have had little option but to fume impotently in whatever local arenas they inhabited. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, for them to hook up with millions of like-minded souls to crowdsource their indignation and their enthusiasm for the candidate.

Insurgents intuitively understand the power of simple messages, and are less scrupulous about the stories they tell


The article examines the work of Jonathan Albright, an academic at Elon University, a private liberal arts college in North Carolina, who explored the “vast ecosystem” of far-right websites and Facebook pages that have been proliferating on the web for years.

But when it sticks to the facts, the article is very good It goes on to ask why we on the ‘right’ are so effective at using social media: “The answer is probably that its members have been effectively excluded from mainstream political discourse for a long time. So the internet, with its intrinsic permissiveness, was, for them, the only available option. (Indeed, it still is.) And they went for it.

“Why have they been such effective exploiters of the technology? Among the possible reasons are: the fact that radicals and insurgents intuitively understand the power of simple messages; they are motivated and driven, are less scrupulous about the stories they tell and good at making the facts fit the narrative rather than the other way round. They understand propaganda, in other words.”

Yes, he’s right on that last statement, for sure! The question arises, what are the liberal elite going to do about it?

The answer at present looks all too obvious. To stop us continuing our destruction of the old MSM monopoly on forming public opinion, the liberal elite are right now working on a misguided fantasy plan to censor Facebook and Twitter to death.

Of course, this won’t make the issues go away. the alienated and disaffected will simply ‘migrate’ into giant hardline echo-chambers like VK. That MIGHT mean no more Brexits or Trumps for a few years (until the public join the flight to their uncensored successors to the current platforms) but in the meantime it will turn social media from a force for the sort of democratic political change we saw last year into a full-on radicalisation machine.

The elites are poised to do something incredibly stupid: To forcibly cut off alienated white working class and radicalised youth from the softening influence of involvement with ordinary people on Facebook and to push them instead into effectively underground echo-chambers where they will drive themselves and others ‘over the edge’ into full-scale disaffection, dissidence and, in due course, terrorism.

The liberal may not like the traditionalists’ impact on conventional social media, but they would do VERY well not to meddle with it and to restrain their totalitarian impulses.

Because while they found our Facebook demolition of the ‘gate-keeping’ power of the corporate MSM uncomfortable politically, if they forcibly disconnect dissent from the democratic process, the resulting upsurge in ‘leaderless resistance’ violence will be many times worse!


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