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Pregnant dancer blasted to death at a wedding because she refused to dance with a drunk male


A pregnant woman was shot dead on stage in front of horrified guests at a wedding because she refused to dance with a drunken male in India.

Kulvinder Kaur, 25, was blasted from close range by the man with a 12-bore double barrel shotgun while she was performing at the wedding.

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A video of the incident was recorded by another guest at the wedding and shows Kulvinder in a white dress on stage along with three other woman.

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Suddenly a silhouette of a shotgun emerges and appears to be pointed at Kulvinder. Moments later she falls to the ground.

Some media have claimed that the shooting was an accident due to celebratory firing by guests, a custom were guests fire shots into the air to celebrate the wedding.

She was taken to hospital after the incident on Saturday night but was pronounced dead a short while later.

It also emerged that she was two months pregnant.

The family of the victim said police reluctantly began an investigation after they protested in the streets and the video went viral.

Her heartbroken husband, Rajinder Singh, said she worked as a dancer and choreographer, performing mainly at weddings.

Mr Singh also said the killer, who was a friend of the groom, had become angry after he and his friends were refused to go on stage and dance with Kulvinder.

He told NDTV: ‘They had been asking her to get off the stage and join them… but she refused… so they shot her.’

Senior Superintendent of Police, Swapan Sharma, said: ‘A case has been registered against four people which includes the owner of the venue, a family member, the person who carried the gun and the shooter.

‘The gun is owned by Sanjay Goyal, son of Vijay Goyal, who is a local politician. Sanjay was also present at the crime scene.’

‘Raids are being conducted to find the shooter and the close family members are being interrogated.’

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