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Sick liberal gender-bending campaign stopped by Hungarian direct action


The cultural Marxist concept of ‘gender fluidity’ is spreading like a cancer through western society. It is now mainstream in schools, on TV and even in supposedly serious publications, as we see here in National Geographic. Not content with undermining traditional and natural Christian values in the west, however, the liberal elite are trying to spread this poison in central and eastern Europe. But, in Hungary at least, they are meeting practical grass-roots resistance.

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Image result for national geographic gender

Image result for national geographic gender

This repulsive cover, presenting a variety of made-up ‘genders’. has been translated into Hungarian and turned into giant posters. In the last week they have been plastered all over the capital, Budapest.

No doubt the magazine’s executives and PR consultants believed that this campaign would work to inject a further dose of decadent ‘western’ liberalism into a Hungary. This despite the fact that the country is steadily moving in the opposite direction under a patriotic government which is one of the leaders of the move of more and more of Europe to the ‘right’.

Fortunately, within hours of these posters appearing, most of them were either being amended or were simply disappearing altogether. “Only 2 genders – male & female” said some of the graffiti additions. “Soros Sickness” read others.

Other activists dressed in high-viz jackets simply went out in broad daylight and took the posters down. Our pictures show just a few of the ‘captured’ posters, on display in our KTI Priory building in central Budapest.


We applaud this action, although we have of course told the young men and women responsible that we do not condone vandalism or theft. We are keeping these poisonous posters out of view but safe, in a dark cupboard.

If National Geographic’s European editor would like to contact us and give us his address, we will be happy to pop round and return his posters to him!



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