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What are Soros and Clinton planning? Just because Trump won doesn’t mean we can afford to let down our guard [video]


Millions of Americans think that the war to save america has been won, and all without a shot being fired. Well, we’re sorry if this spoils your day but – bullshiiit! Whether by subversion, street violence or assassination, the New World Order boys n gals and their left-wing Useful Idiots will be trying everything possible to get back in the saddle and to get rid of our President.

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We don’t have a crystal ball. We don’t know what the future holds. But we are CERTAIN that, sooner or later, the enemies of freedom will make their move. What else can Satan do? He’s got to keep on trying. He’s lost Russia, he’s losing America, and pathetic, bankrupt, Islamized Europe isn’t enough for the prince of Darkness!

So now, more than ever, American patriots need to join or rejoin, set up or expand, their constitutional militia. And be ready to fight for freedom!

This is a constitutional militia recruiting video. Join, or form a local militia. Constitutional militias are open to all Americans regardless of race, ethnicity, or sex. Read your constitution and swear to defend it ASAP! Become a warrior and a member of a team. Militias are seeking individuals with Law Enforcement and military experience, EMTs, doctors, nurses, construction workers, truck drivers, lawyers, broadcast media, food industry, teachers or instructors, public affairs/public relations, and psyops. The only absolute essential is PATRIOTISM!

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