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Thought Police on the rampage in Germany [video]


German police this morning raided the homes of at least a dozen anti-immigration patriots. But despite searching every house from top to bottom, they didn’t find any evidence of any wrong-doing and didn’t arrest a single one of the victims of Angela Merkel’s new Stasi Thought Police. (Photo above shows Merkel, circled, in her openly Communist days)

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According to the liberal media: “German police have swooped on homes across the country in dawn raids in a crackdown on an far-right extremists suspected of planning armed attacks against police, Jews and asylum seekers.

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“About 200 officers searched a dozen homes in six states today, the chief prosecutor’s office said, as part of an investigation into a far-right extremist group.

“A spokesman said the early morning raids included searches of the homes of six people believed to have founded the new group, and that of a seventh person who is suspected of helping the group obtain supplies.

“‘The goal of today’s search measures was to obtain further evidence of the actual creation of a formal group, as well as the alleged planned criminal acts and any potential tools,’ the office said in a statement.”

Well, given that they arrested no-one and found nothing, it looks as though there as no “formal group” created, no evidence of any crimes were unearthed and that no “potential tools” were found.

Which strongly suggests that the whole thing was just an excuse to frighten other Germans off criticising Merkel or immigration on social media. It’s just an exercise in intimidation. Germany, of course, has a long and sorry history of such totalitarianism.

All across Western Europe, crumbling liberal regimes like Merkel’s are turning more and more to naked repression in a desperate effort to keep control. This is why the KTI are working to encourage patriots everywhere to develop prisoner support networks. Not because we the people plan to break the law, but because our governments do!


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