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Bulgaria – the latest from the front line in the fight to protect Christendom from Islamist invasion [video]


Even in the depths of winter, the attempted infiltration of the south east border of Europe by illegal ‘refugees’ – among whom there are an unknown number of Jihadi terrorists – continues. And, even in the depths of winter, our good brothers in the Union of Bulgarian Military Veterans and the Shipka Bulgarian National Movement are out on patrol trying to stop them.

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These dramatic pictures show our Bulgarian friends from the two organistions out on patrol along the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

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Let us start of by making it crystal clear that any weapons shown in the pictures or carried by those involved are of course legally held by their owners and are carried for their deterrent value only. These organisations have been officially thanked by the Bulgarian government for their work helping the overstretched police and army protect the border, and their credentials as decent, law-abiding people are impeccable.

Unlike some criminal ‘migrant hunters’ who have been featured in the Western press, the Union and Shipka patrols provide emergency humanitarian aid to refugees they find in distress, before escorting them to the police. They do not seek confrontation and they certainly do not in any way threaten the safety or well-being of the illegal migrants. But some of the incomers are escorted (and exploited) by criminal gangs of people-smugglers, who are often armed and very dangerous.

Sensationalist claims in the Western media about us supposedly ‘supplying weapons’ to these volunteer border defenders are particularly ridiculous not merely because we do not, but also for the sheer stupidity of the idea that anyone would take firearms from Britain (where guns are so restricted that even the Olympic shooting team have to go abroad to train) to the Balkans (one of the biggest sources of firearms, both legal and illegal, in the world). We urge these ‘journalists’ to grow up!

We also urge them to study the latest statement issued by Shipka and the Union on their English language website https://www.bnoshipka.org/en/ because it underlines just how far these people are from the ‘hate group’ they have tried to portray. Not least because such propaganda can all too easily encourage their young readers in particular to think that hatred and violence are on the rise and hence, in a twisted way, can be attractive or justified.


The statement reiterates the fact that their ranks include members of Bulgaria’s traditional Muslim community, who feel as threatened as anybody else (indeed, more so) by the Wahhabi extremism and terrorist sympathies being imported into Europe along with the ‘refugee’ influx.

Further, the Union of Bulgarian Military Veterans condemns demonstrations and protests against settled Muslim communities in Europe “which confess traditional Islam and uphold the morals, traditions and values of their people.”

As the statement continues:  “We are on guard at the Bulgarian-Turkish border, the Southern frontier of all Europe, not against genuine refugees but against criminal gangs – radical Islamists, terrorists and ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters – illegally invading our countries with the purpose not of integrating themselves into the societies of the independent European nations, but rather to assault and radicalize forcefully the traditional Muslim communities which have existed and have been functioning with dignity and respect and consider themselves as part of our common life for the last fifty years or more.”


The Knights Templar International have from our inception been at pains to try to educate our growing audience as to the deep difference between what used to be ‘mainstream’ Islam and the Wahhabi heresy which now – thanks primarily to Saudi money and manipulation by deeply foolish Western security agencies – dominates all too many Sunni Muslim communities, and in particular the sort of young men now entering Europe through Bulgaria.

The liberals and the left refuse to point this out because it does not fit with their dishonest propaganda about how “Islam means Peace” and their claim that the terrorists are only a tiny and isolated minority.

On the other hand, the neocons, Zionists and their Useful Idiots in the counter-jihad movement are just as dishonest when they seek to persuade worried people that “all Muslims are the same” and that Shia Iran – which has never invaded anyone or exported any terrorism – can in some way be equated with Saudi Arabia, which in addition to its role in 9/11 and brutal war in Yemen is the biggest exporter of the radical Islamism that leads to terrorism on the entire planet.

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So responsible journalists should tell the truth for once, and publish this statement from Shipka and the Union of Bulgarian Veterans:

“Our organisations are well supported by Bulgarian Muslims who find in our entities meaningful defense against the crimes of radical Islamists against them and their families and children, with perpetration of rapes, robberies, enslavement and murders. It must be understood that the biggest majority of the radical Islamists concealing themselves in the guise of ‘refugees’ are not even genuine Muslims – for the reason that ISIS was created not by real Muslim believers but by foreign security services, international financial syndicate and extremists serving vested financial and political interests.”

This deep level of political and ethical maturity is why we are very proud to work with, and to supply legal and non-lethal equipment to these two Bulgarian border guard organisations. This has included surveillance equipment including night vision googles and drones as well as, most recently, winter thermal clothing items to help them stay in the field even through the bitter winter in the border mountains.

The photos accompanying this report show the (reduced) patrols of hardy volunteers, and give an insight into both the professionalism and the dedication of these brave and determined men.


They also show some of the equipment deficiencies that still desperately need to be put right. As we have reported before, this immensely important operation is seriously under-funded. The central organisation has just about enough money to provide petrol money for volunteers travelling a long distances, but they mainly have to provide their own kit and even their own food.

The white winter camouflage kit in use is in such scarce supply that the teams have to take it in turns to use it, with only the lead patrols in the most risky areas getting to use it.  This is something we MUST help to put right for the future.

food kit

At a different level, the close-up of a base camp fire is actually sad and rather moving, because it highlights the desperate lack of even basic proper cooking equipment – which reflects the lack of funds even for regular and adequate supplies of food. In that weather – just imagine how YOU would feel!

We believe that this is a simply UNACCEPTABLE situation among the selfless volunteers at the sharp end on Europe’s most dangerous front line, out there protecting not just their own border, but ours as well!

We have promised to do what we can to help provide not just more items of badly needed equipment, but also funds to help keep the volunteers in the field. Whether it’s fuel, food, cooking equipment or more army surplus clothing, everything costs money and it is simply unfair and unsustainable that these brave men and women should go without the basics they need to be able to do this vital job while “gentlemen in England (read ‘the West’) now abed” do nothing to help them.

So we reiterate our call for donations to allow us to send further supplies to the heroes guarding Europe’s front line. We will keep you updated on progress and on the drama unfolding at the gates of Christendom.

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