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“Fake news”? Yes, this is ‘Templar’ fake news! [video]


The caption on this video says that it shows Germans “wearing Crusader outfits”, But it’s a HOAX!

The text beneath it on the original Facebook page goes on to read “CRUSADES V2!? Fed Up Germans took to the streets in a show of symbolism against the Muslim Migrants who have launched terror attacks, assaults, and rapes on unparalleled levels”.

It would be GREAT if that many Germans did come out on the streets in such an organised way and with swords and armour to protest against Merkel and her ‘children’. But, in fact, this is an annual parade by Spanish Knights Templar.

The Order is still revered and honoured in Spain for its key role in liberating the country from Muslim occupation. One day, the same will be true in Germany, but that’s something in history that hasn’t happened yet!