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The Templars and the Militias – what’s it all about? MUST READ analysis and BONUS VIDEO


Don’t worry, this article may start with a little bit of theology, but it goes on to explain exactly why the KTI are involved with militia groups across Europe! So it’s not for intellectuals with too much time on their hands, it’s for real people searching for hope in a Europe whose leaders appear to have gone mad!

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Marxism and liberalism may appear at first sight to be outdated hangovers from the 19th century, though of course none the less destructive for being passed their sell-by date. In fact, however, they are at root partly the de-Christianised ‘New Age’ version of a very ancient heresy: Pelagianism.

This is the belief that human beings are inherently good, and over the centuries it has been one of the recurring heresies within the Church. The idea is named after a 5th-century British monk, Pelagius, and was rejected as heresy by the Synod of Carthage in 418 A.D.

Pelagius claimed that human nature is essentially good. He rejected the Christian teaching on Original Sin and the doctrine that people can only be saved by God’s grace. Adolf von Harnack wrote of Pelganianism back in 1899 that “in its roots it is godless, for it knows, and seeks to know, nothing of redemption.”

One implication of denying original sin and affirming the primacy of human free will is the belief that we humans can be masters of our own destiny and of the world. Another is the belief that our social structures do not need renewal and can be perfected through our own efforts. It’s up to us. We can build a Paradise on Earth.

Yet another is egalitarianism: We are all equal in the sight of God, but remove God and start from the assumption that we are all ‘Good’ and look what happens: We are all simply equal. And if people are innately good, then if they do bad things it is obvious that someone else must be to blame. ‘Equality’ has to be enforced and the ordered hierarchies and values of traditionalism must be torn down.

Finally, the Pelagian emphasis on human will and on love – without boundaries – can all too easily become an emphasis on fulfilling our own selfish and immediate desires, so that pleasure becomes a goal in itself. Indeed, in the end, pleasure becomes THE goal.

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These are the errors at the rotten heart of the twin materialisms of Communism (now mutated into cultural Marxism and applied as Political Correctness) and Masonic liberalism (now mutated into globalist monopoly capitalism).

Both believe that human society can and should be perfect, from which it is a short step, when it turns out not to be the case, to look for culprits and to hunt them down. So a worldview that for centuries has been seen as a heresy, ends up condemning and persecuting those whose views it finds heretical.

The difference is that, unlike the traditional Christian stance,  Pelagianism, in both its ancient and modern forms, is based on a fundamental fallacy. For whether one considers it the work of God or of nature, it is very clear in reality that human beings are not innately good. If not innately bad (as decreed by the Church) then they are at best innately human, and as such deeply flawed and prone both to altruism and goodness and to extreme selfishness and pure evil.

This is why any society built on the false and unfounded notion of innate human goodness will fail. The tragedy is that such errors are not just a matter of doctrine, of arguments about how many angels may dance on a pinhead. When wrong ideas permeate society, they lead muddle-headed rulers to attempt to change society in ways so unnatural that the only possible result can be catastrophe.

Perhaps the worst example of this in the whole of recorded history is the decision of the ruling elite of the Western part of Christendom to transform utter the ethnic, cultural and religious identity of the peoples under their control. They have consciously and deliberately set in motion the ‘Great Replacement’ of the largely homogenous indigenous peoples of Western Europe and its daughter nations in the New World with a heterogeneous mass of unassimilable immigrants.

The danger is made all the greater by the fact that, along with the newcomers has come the great religious rival against which Christendom has been forced repeatedly to struggle for its very existence.

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The difference now is that, thanks at least in part to the “all human beings are equal and all are innately good” heresy, a faith that – stripped of its later interpretations by its now dominant Wahhabi strain -is based explicitly on discrimination, violence and slavery, a faith whose very name means “Submission”, is not this time hammering at the gates of the West, it is already the fifth column within. The walls have already been breached. The great cities of the West have already fallen.

On top of that, the dominance of the West’s corridors of power by “everyone is equal and good” and the pursuit of short-term material ‘happiness’ has led our rulers, and indeed our entire populations, to make a number of truly catastrophic choices.

Misguided ‘liberal’ tolerance for criminals and the elite mania for globalism may be the most upsetting to the oft-ignored majority, but such errors are of relatively minor import compared to the mass immigration already noted, and to its demographic corollary:  The uncoupling of sex from reproduction through abortion and especially contraception, and the resulting collapse in the birth-rate of the entire ‘civilised’ world.

Together, these errors have produced a number of converging catastrophes, racing towards the now uneasy but still essentially ignorant populations of the West like driverless express trains. And the moment of impact is now so close that there is absolutely nothing that mere mortal men can do to prevent it. We are not facing Spengler’s ‘Decline of the West’ so much as its utter obliteration as a civilisation in a conflagration that will be horrible beyond measure.

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Note the phrase “as a civilisation”. While the coming Convergence of Catastrophes will inevitably reduce the current indigenous population of the West to perhaps ten per cent of what it is now by the end of this century, and while the Islam in its crudest, cruellest Wahhabi form will for a while subjugate and exploit the survivors, there will undoubtedly be resistance. Pockets of relative ‘normality’ and of decency will survive. Human life, and even love and laughter, will go on in the ruins of the great material civilisation that is about to replay the Fall of Rome.

But, just as with the first time around, the society that emerges from the ruins will be simpler and harder and more obviously cruel (though no more likely than the old one to murder half-a-million Iraq children as a ‘price worth paying’ for increased dominance of the Middle East, or to obliterate Warsaw, Dresden or Hiroshima for reasons of revenge in wars already lost or won).

Just as AD 410, Western Europe will very shortly move from a time of State power into a new Age of the Warlord and the Sword. Or, to be more precise, of the Warlord and the AK47.

The transition may not be immediate or instant. More likely it will follow a similar pattern to what happened when the CIA exploited old hatreds to set the Balkans and eastern Ukraine on fire. The fighting starts with football gangs and small groups of previously marginalised ‘extremists’. They become the core of larger, rough-and-ready militias. But over a period of time, the baseball bats, slingshots and Molotovs are replaced by more conventional modern weaponry. There is enough of it out there!

Nor is this only true of Europe. Even the United States faces the same effort by dark forces to incite and divide.

Sectarian war will come, because, long before anyone came up with the fantasy than Man is innately good, everyone understood that Man is essential tribal and, under certain circumstances, hideously violent. We do not say this with any pleasure at all, for we have families and settled, quite comfortable lives, and we do not relish seeing things head the way they are going. But we have a duty to be realistic, and to do what we can to help decency, humanity and the Christian values we hold dear to survive the coming storm.

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A number of people have begun to ask why the Knights Templar International are making a point of contacting and associating with citizens’ defence volunteers, militias, biker gangs and so on? What has a lay religious body, proudly bearing the name and upholding the traditions of the Poor Christian Knights got to do with groups of men often  decried by liberal polite society (the same over-educated fools, don’t forget, who have brought our society to the brink of unavoidable disaster) as ‘thugs’?

Only this: In the societal collapse that is coming to the West, such groups are going to be part of future. Another example from the recent past is useful here: When the old Soviet bloc disintegrated, power vacuums naturally arose in the various former satellite states. Nature, however, abhors a vacuum and in Bulgaria – to give just one practical example from the collapse of Communism – it was quickly filled in some areas and walks of life by, of all things, the Wrestlers’ Union.

Because, when things get rough, the word of a group of intellectuals often turns out to be much less important than the word of a man with a collection of muscle at his disposal, and the wrestlers had more muscle than most.

This is not to say that such a development is a good thing; we are merely observing that it is an inevitable thing. Our detailed knowledge and study of transitions such as this tells us that such ‘gangs’ will grow and transform themselves into important parts of the future. Which we believe makes it incumbent upon us to do what we can to influence and inform the values they hold.

As the state loses control (as, for example, it did in parts of Northern Ireland during the Troubles, and is clearly happening in parts of France and Sweden before our very eyes) then there is every possibility that you and your family will in some way or another come to rely upon, or be dominated by, what we describe as a ‘Warlord’ and his entourage.

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If so, it is clearly far better if the group ‘protecting’ your area has as its underlying ethos the ideals of traditional Christianity, notions of duty, of caring for the weak and meek, of respect for women, of respect for the hugely stabilising institutions of property and marriage. Because the alternative to Christian values at a time of social collapse is not humanism or happy-clappy liberalism.

Just look, if you’re not sure that this is true, at the plethora of ‘nationalist movements’ all over Europe. Not so much at the electorally house-trained populists currently giving the old liberal elite sleepless nights, but at the ones currently on the fringes, the ones who will step in to fill the gap when the Wilders and the Le Pens and Farages prove utterly incapable of handling the coming crisis.

The battle lines are becoming clear. The degree of actual understanding of the ideas concerned may differ greatly from group to group, but the ‘fringe’ is already divided. On one side are the organisations, parties and ideologues who see themselves clearly as part of the Christian tradition of the old High Europe. On the other is the dark side, the followers of Nietzschean or Satanic ideas of untrammelled power, of Might is Right, the winner takes all.

The coming clash with the brutal Islamism that the liberals and cultural Marxists have let loose in the West is already producing a reaction. There will, inevitably, be resistance. And, in some areas, that resistance will take control.

But a ‘resistance’ run by men who believe that “I am top dog and everyone else is my bitch” (to quote Jack Donovan, one of the homosexual darlings of the so-called AltRight) would be little better than the Islamism it professes to oppose.


A resistance ‘inspired’ by the theorists of hierarchy from which the tempering influence of the Christian ideals of charity and mercy have been removed, would produce monsters who regard the population beneath them as theirs to plunder, rape and exploit. Little better than the Islamists? They could even be worse, for even an Islamic Caliphate has rules – rules which include the protection of Christians who “submit abjectly” and pay the Jizya tax. By contrast, a population under the heel of a self-styled Nietzschean  ‘superman’ or a believer in Crowley’s maxim “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, would have no protection whatsoever.

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War brings out the worst, as well as sometimes the best, in men. And an ethno-religious civil war, complete with the replacement of state authority by the rule of warlords, gangsters and desperate bands of crudely armed ‘refugees’ (real ones, from every community), is the worst of wars. It is really too horrible to contemplate, especially if you think in terms of your daughters or granddaughters having a ‘choice’ between the forces of the Caliphate on the one hand and the psychotic war band of a Colonel Kurtz on the other.

Which is why it is so important that the forces of the European resistance are guided and inspired by Christianity. Not, of course, the milksop liberal variety whose gospel begins and ends with “turn the other cheek”, but those who understand that particular injunction to refer only to personal sleights and that, when it comes to defending their communities and their civilisation, the appropriate words of Jesus are from Luke 22:36  “And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.”

When we say that the ‘Time of the Templars’ is at hand, we mean it. The time for muscular, fighting Christianity is upon us. The time of men who fear naught but God as they battle to subdue and expel a ruthless foe in love with Death. But men who, in victory, see it as their absolutely duty to protect women, children and the weak from exploitation. Men who understand that a properly ordered society can only be built on Christian social doctrine, and in particular on the institutions of the Family, Property and the Rule of Law.

Not only are these principles and behaviours morally correct in themselves, they are also, self-evidently, by far the most attractive for normal people to live under. Many a civil war has been won because one side has treated civilians under its control decently and fairly, while their opponents have alienated the population through theft and arbitrary violence.

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Finally, the coming demographic collapse of the European population is – even without the losses that will occur in the Catastrophe – going to be so severe that the Reconquista, the liberation of Western Europe from Islamist tyranny, cannot possibly be completed in less than a hundred years.

Because it will take four generations of rearing large and healthy families before we have the numbers to take back and hold the Lost Lands which liberal treachery, capitalist greed, Talmudic and Marxist hatred and the contraceptive Pill have given away.

And the only circumstance in which those families can survive and thrive is in resistance bastions run according to Christian principles and social doctrine. For women will bear children and men will toil, and men and women will fight, for nothing with a fraction of the courage and determination like they will for land which is theirs to pass on to their children, and for a society which is just and in which their responsibilities are balanced by their rights.

These are the reasons why we work with and seek to influence the men and the groups which will become the nucleus of the post-Catastrophe resistance right across Europe.

Self-evidently, they are by their very nature likely to appear somewhat ‘rough round the edges’, or even worse, to polite liberal society. We have no interest in such judgements, for polite liberal society is on its way out. It’s their mess, but it’s our job to try to make the best of it.

And the best will come by bringing the rough nuclei of the future resistance under the banner of the fighting Templars. For the day will come when the sight of that battle flag not only strikes terror into the hearts of the enemy, but also tells civilians that these liberators are decent men, not the mad dogs into which such conflicts turn men who enter them without a moral compass.

The Templar banner will tell the liberated that, at last, they are safe. That the men who march beneath it will care for the sick and injured. That they will share their meagre rations with the hungry. That they will respect the women and girls and punish those who do not. That they will pay for supplies. That they are good people.

And that, in the long run, the areas they run will thrive and expand, until the Reconquista is complete and Europe, Christian and European once more, is free and at peace. An the same, of course, must be the aim for the lands of the New World tamed and ordered by men and women of the same stock, the same genius and the same Faith.


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