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Jihad by blade – as Germany reels from the latest attacks, liberal media keep you in the dark! [video]


If you’ve been waiting for the liberal MSM in Britain, the USA or pretty much anywhere else to reveal anything about the identity of those involved in the latest wave of axe and knife attack terror in Germany, it looks like it’s time to give up on waiting. Because they know “Who dunnit it”. They have done for several days now. They just don’t want to tell you!

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Because it has been officially revealed that the suspect in custody is from Kosovo. Der Spiegel call him “Fatmir H.” He is an asylum applicant — a “refugee”, in other words. The other one is still on the run but, even if he’s caught, you can rely on the BBC, CNN etc doing all they can to avoid telling you who he is or what motivated him (unless, of course, by some bizarre turn of events, he turns out to be a German).

The funny thing is that these Lying Press liberals really seem to think that they’re still fooling people, when the truth is all they dishonesty now achieves is to chip more chunks off their crumbling ‘credibility’. In denying the truth, they are destroying themselves!


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