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Angry locals erect Crosses on proposed mosque site [video]

Wooden crosses several meters high have been installed by a group of protesters at a site in Erfurt, in the German region of Thuringia, where Muslims to build a mosque.

In early March, the first 10-meter-high wooden cross on the site, where it is proposed to build a mosque of the Ahmadiyya sect – who, ironically, are frequent victims of murderous attacks by Wahhabi Islamists who regard them as heretics. It was set up by a group called ‘Bürger für Erfurt’ (Citizens for Erfurt), aided by the anti-immigrant club ‘Ein Prozent’ (One Percent) from neighboring Saxony, which published a video-report of the action on its Facebook page.

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The cross was later torn down by unknown persons, but re-erected shortly afterwards by the initiators – along with six more wooden crosses of varying sizes.


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