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“Brussels is burning our balls!” Home Truths from Brigitte Bardot [video]


French icon Brigitte Bardot had some interesting things to say in an interview with the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles.

I can’t LOOK AT them any more, the Islamists. practically everywhere in France you see burkas, it’s unacceptable. Let them do what they want in their countries of origin, but they shouldn’t try and impose on us customs, practices, discriminations from another age: that’s not France. And then, the worst of all: halal slaughter. These animals that they leave to bleed out, suffering in terrible conditions, it’s impossible. Unthinkable. It’s a horror.

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What do you think of the European Union?

We need to get out of it. Brussels is burning our balls. The grip of these bureaucrats and this submission to European standards is undermining our independence and turning us into peons. And then, we need to get our borders back and stop this incessant flow of migrants that no one is checking any more. How can this country still exist when it’s become a brothel open to all the winds?

Do you watch French films today? 

Never. But what is it with all these actors and actresses? We only see scrofulous, sick, twisted and ugly people. The heroes today, they are people in crutches or paralysed in a wheelchair or old and in a coma. Where are the heroes? Where are the personalities that make us dream, the Gabins, the Brasseurs? I think of Alain Delon. Who replaced him? Now it’s just beards [She uses the word “barbus” which literally means beards but is also slang for Muslims] and actresses with oily hair who get raped in corners then find excuses for their attackers. You only have to look at the César Ceremony [French Oscars equivalent] where nice zombies thank Mum and Dad, their concierge and their taxi driver, while making the compulsory call for human fraternity and antiracism.

De Gaulle said and wrote several times that France was a majority white and Christian nation. Today, he’s called a racist and fascist. Anything! When Nadine Morano dares to say the same thing, she is marked with the scourge of infamy. That’s enough. I didn’t fight against French Algeria to accept an Algerian France. I don’t touch the culture, the identity and the customs of others. Let them not touch mine.

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