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Judge rules ‘Anglo Saxon’ father’s 10-year-old son must go to ISLAMIC ‘school in a mosque’ [video]


An English father who describes himself as an ‘Anglo Saxon’ has lost a High Court appeal to prevent his ten-year-old son from being sent to an Islamic school. Well, what did he expect: Being male, English and non-Muslim, he obviously never stood a chance in court!

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The father says his Muslim ex-wife has chosen the private boys’ school because it was Islamic. He called the institution a ‘school inside a mosque’.

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The marketing director, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was worried he will be ‘marginalised’ if his son attended the Islamic brainwashing centre. Instead, he wanted the boy to go to a secular school.

However, High Court judge Mr Justice Baker yesterday rejected the father’s attempt to appeal a family court ruling that the boy should go to the Islamic school.

‘The mother and father have different world views,’ he said. ‘He is an Anglo Saxon white man who has no particular faith.’

The father’s lawyer said: ‘He describes it as a school inside a mosque. It’s not really a school within a mosque but that’s how he describes it.’

There are more than 150 dedicated Muslim schools in the UK and most of them are privately funded, including by donors from hardline Islamist states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


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