Home Breaking News ‘Marine A’ to walk FREE within two weeks!

‘Marine A’ to walk FREE within two weeks!


Great news! Sergeant Alexander Blackman, who was convicted of ‘murdering’ a dying Taliban insurgent and sentenced to life in prison has had his sentence reduced and will be free to join his family and friends in 2 weeks!

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The news follows a successful appeal earlier this month which saw the conviction reduced to manslaughter, which meant the sentence was reduced to 7 years.

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As Sgt Blackman had already served half of the time on his new sentence, he is now eligible for parole and will be free in two weeks.

This is still not justice! Justice would be to pardon him and compensate him for having been wrongly imprisoned. Justice would be to sack the lawyers and the Ministry of Defence Jobsworths who threw this hero under a bus and make them end their days cleaning public toilets.

But under the circumstances it’s wonderful news. Many thanks to all of our regular readers who have in the past signed the petition for Sergeant Blackman’s release, and to all who have shared reports we have carried on the campaign to free him. It all helped to keep up the pressure that led to this result!

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