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MSM Death Spiral – how a dying business model is the biggest concern of the liberal Fake News Media – FULL KTI REPORT


The liberal media attempt to use fake news about ‘Fake News’ to impose censorship on social media is as much about their own financial interests as it is about politics and their horror at Brexit and Trump.

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This vital subject, which goes right to the heart of modern politics and corporate big business, is explored in gripping detail in the first KTI Intelligence Report. This was sent to members two weeks ago, but now is the time for this uniquely well-informed work to go on general release.

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So here it is. Simply click to turn it full screen to read it. Once open you can also use the slide bar at the top of the page to make the text even larger if you need.

The response from our brethren to this experimental document has been so positive that from now on we will be producing KTI Intelligence Reports on a regular basis. The next, which examines in detail the persecution of Christians in Britain today, will be sent exclusively to all KTI members this coming weekend.


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