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Official KT regalia – what is for sale and why…


If you are already a member or an affiliate Templar you can now purchase your own finest quality official mantle, fully lined and complete with hood and full-length tassel cords along with collarette and stunning official Templar Jewel. These are made of the finest materials and exclusive to the Knights Templar International Order. Orders dispatched quickly by recorded post to anywhere in the world.

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The reason the Grand Priory has decided to allow the online purchase of SOME items of regalia prior to full membership is that there has been something of an explosion of charlatans who are preying on good people by selling fake garments on-line. Much of their stock is hideously cheap and poorly made. Worse still, some sellers are no more than common criminals who take your money and do not send the goods at all.

A good example is Templar Rings; every day we have people asking us to help them as they ordered and paid for a ring on-line and have then never received anything. NOTE: We do not, will not and never have sold rings. Because of the amount of stock needed to cope with different finger sizes, the supply of rings to a niche market takes unfeasibly large amounts of stock, so outlets claiming to supply them are invariably either inefficient at best or complete scams at worst.

So please do NOT order rings on-line as you are merely financing fakers or criminals. Please remember this and beware!

There are also online outlets selling other regalia, and to be fair some of them do seem to supply decent products. But if you compare our prices with theirs you will find that ALL of them charge inflated prices.


That’s because they are there just to make money, whereas we are here to encourage and facilitate a genuine and truly meaningful revival of the ancient order of the Knights Templar. Because we are a unique combination of hard-headed realism and idealism – and we want to see the Templars once again operating as a real force for good and for muscular Christian values in a world of danger and sin.

So if your path of have life has brought you to the same place as us, we are glad to help you on the next stage of your development and on the next steps on your pilgrim’s path. Hence we offer to our people these superbly made Mantles/capes, all fully lined, complete with hood and tassels along with the official Jewel and neck collarette at prices that will drive the fakers out of the market. So order yours today in the certainty that we will provide you with the best quality items at the most reasonable prices possible.

Click here to order https://knightstemplarinternational.com/kti-regalia/

Please note that there are certain items, particularly the full Knight’s Sword, which we do NOT provide to ANYBODY other than Sir Knights who have completed their probationary period, who meet all the requirements for Full Membership and who attend the formal induction ceremony. 

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