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“Stop Operation Soros” – KTI sponsors successful conference on most sinister enemy of Christianity in the world


“Stop Operation Soros!” That was the theme of a major international youth conference held on Saturday in Budapest, and the KTI played a significant role in this very welcome initiative.

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Held in the prestigious surroundings of the headquarters of the World Union of Hungarians, the conference was organised by the Hungarian student movement, Identitisz (“Identity”). It is the biggest and most ambitious event so far put on by Identitisz and was very well run.

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Speakers came from a number of Hungarian traditionalist groups. These included the Identitisz, the pro-life Alpha Alliance, and patriotic cultural bodies.

Above: Identitisz flags are paraded up to the elegant meeting room to open the event


The Grand Prior of the Knights Templar Hungary gave a powerful lecture on the role of Soros-backed NGOs in promoting mass murder through abortion.

Particularly welcome, and reflecting the mission and advice of the Templars, was the fact that the meeting also welcomed speakers from several neighbouring central European states with which Hungarian nationalists have 100-year-old border disputes.  In past years, relationships between patriots from Hungary and her neighbours have been very strained, so to have such friendly cooperation against a common enemy is a big step forward.

Part of the reason for this is that the sheer scale of the Soros operation to force the poisons of liberalism – ‘gender theory’, abortion, homosexuality, multiculturalism and Islamisation – on all the nations of Europe. Faced with the onslaught, it is increasingly clear that nationalists have to put old injustices and quarrels in the past – at least until, together, we have won the war for the very survival of our peoples which Soros and his legion of leftist Useful Idiots are waging against us all.

The foreign speakers included a leading Macedonian journalist and co-founder of the Macedonian “Stop Soros” campaign, who has published more than 300 articles exposing and criticising Soros in the last five years; an Italian activist who delivered shocking details of how Soros-funded NGOs are facilitating the cross-Mediterranean ‘refugee’ invasion, and former Member of the European Parliament Nick Griffin.

All speeches were delivered in Hungarian or English and translated into the other language. The very professionally run event in the elegant venue included refreshments in the breaks and was followed by dinner in the main nationalist bar in Budapest. The proceedings were filmed in their entirety by patriot video-makers, and also attracted mainstream and opposition journalists from Hungary, Britain, the USA, Russia and Transylvania.

The Knights Templar International sponsored the event and our good friends in the Movement for the Defence of Hungary for providing the security team. We are very grateful to everyone who donated so generously to make it possible for us to fund this very valuable event. Thank you all!

With awareness of the Soros agenda growing in every society he has targeted, the resistance to his subversive activities is growing as well. Soros-funded NGOs have been shut down right across Russia and are coming under increasing scrutiny now from the governments of Hungary, Macedonia and Poland. It is to be hoped that the government of the United States of America will follow suit soon.

Wherever George Soros is spreading his poison, the best antidote is exposure and the cold, bright light of truth. As the key lectures from this event are published online, the facts revealed will add to the pressure being applied to one of the most sinister manipulators and enemies of Christianity in the modern world. The totalitarian liberalism of the drastically misnamed ‘Open Society’ ideology will be defeated. Freedom and normality will return!

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