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Video: Another Black Democrat Trying To Stop Black Kids Going To Better Schools


It’s a sad fact that the public school system in many poor U.S. neighborhoods has collapsed. Standardized test scores prove that. So President Trump wants to allow poor students to attend private schools with government help.

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It sounds like a solid idea but many oppose Trump on this issue.

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No need for School Vouchers according to Los Angeles, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell who tries to tell Bill O’Reilly that the U.S. Public school system is just fine and underprivileged kids don’t need to look anywhere else except where teacher’s unions have dominance.

Now, you would think most Americans would support anything that would improve the education system, especially in deprived neighborhoods. That is not the case.

This is not a partisan issue, this is really moral. Students and parents should have the opportunities to choose the best education for themselves.

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