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Video: Sturgeon plans IndieRef2. “Once in a Generation” vote ignored


Independence Referendum, if/when approved, will be scheduled for the last 6 months of the Article 50 process, when the terms of Brexit are known. Oct 2018 to March 2019. Another blow for Democracy in the hands of the Hard-Left Ideologs. The now so-called “Once in a Generation” vote ignored. The shortest Generation for a Generation. Not forgetting the “Once in a Lifetime” statements.

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This decision will unite the UK Remain voters in anger and motivate them. But will ProjectFear MkIII do its work to alienate the electorate…. or, will the establishment grovel to Matthew Elliott?

How long until the SNP’s use the Brexit slogan, “Vote Leave: Take back control”?

The timing is politically clever. It maximises total possible confusion & uncertainty; which can be blamed on the Unionist Brexit Process. When people are confused, they cease to make rational decisions and revert to emotion. It doesn’t able Brexit to be a success either & comes at a time when Westminster’s focus will be full-on Brexit, with limited time to do anything else, like campaign on Scotland. Or, the ball gets dropped on Brexit even, distracted from Brexit at a critical time.

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