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Ann Coulter on Lou Dobbs: “I Feel Like I’m Watching Dr. Strangelove” [video]


Ann Coulter appeared on Lou Dobbs last night and discussed the bizarre Syria situation created by what appears to be a neo-con ‘coup’ in the White House.

The woman who worked so hard to get Donald Trump elected – partly to stop Hillary Clinton risking World War Three by siding with Al Qaeda against Russia in Syria – denounced the push for war, saying “I feel like I’m watching Dr. Strangelove.”

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The two also noted that none of Trump’s other proposed policies appear to be materializing. Dobbs mentioned that John Kelly, the head of DHS, has effectively said that the Wall is a figure of speech. They could have mentioned that handing Syria on a plate to the Al Qaeda monsters who organized the latest false flag gas attack would create a tidal wave of Syrian refugees that would dwarf anything seen so far.

Ann noted that the modern generals pushing for war are not fighting men like Patton, but have to be approved by the modern Senate – and Democrats find the ones promoting tranny bathrooms.

If Donald Trump doesn’t see what they’re doing to him, and start holding serious, urgent talks with Vladimir Putin about how to calm things down and work together to crush ISIS and Al Qaeda for good, Dr. Strangelove could be all too prophetic…

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