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Antifa thugs beaten EVERY TIME when they come up against real men! [video]


The Marxist thugs of so-called Antifa just love attacking old men and women, or sucker punching opponents when they’re not expecting it. But put them up against real nationalists or working class patriots and all of a sudden all they want to do is to find a line of policemen to hide behind!

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So enjoy the videos of the violent left getting a taste of their own medicine,but remember that even the left can learn. Their comments we’ve been monitoring online show that they have realised they need to up their game. They’re talking of getting combat training, helmets and weapons. And of forming alliances with immigrants and Muslims.

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This is the way civil wars start. So make sure you’re ready. Next time, one ‘Stickman’ won’t be enough…..


Above and below, the latest Battle of Berkeley

Above: Antifa cower behind the police as working class Englishmen chase them through the streets of Dover. Below: Dutch football fans do the same to Antifa students in Holland


See the transformation from patriots fighting left-liberal scumbags on the streets into a serious fighting force. These men in Donbass are fighting EXACTLY the same Soros-backed filth as got thrashed in Berkeley by American patriots last weekend. 

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