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Blowback: Paris ISIS Shooting – Another Western Vulture Comes Home To Roost [video]


Another day, another Islamist terror attack. As human beings and Christians, our hearts go out to the families of the dead and injured police officers in Paris tonight.

But as realists, we also look at and analyse the facts:

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement from the Amaq news agency.

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The statement named the gunman as ISIS fighter Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki, also spelled al-Beljiki. ISIS fighters often add the name of their native country to the end of their name, in this case, “The Belgian.”


Abu Yusuf’s name was included in a set of ISIS documents uncovered last year:

Zaman al-Wasl publishes of 2 jihadis fr : Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki () &Abu Yusuf al-Maghribi

Which facts tell us that the dead and injured officers are probably the latest victims of the wicked and cynical policy of Western nations – including France and Belgium as well as Britain and the USA – to weaponise Islamic terrorism and unleash it against the democratically elected government of Syria.

The West’s criminal elites naively thought that they could use Islamist terror against Syria, without getting their own countries and citizens caught in ‘blowback’. Events in Paris tonight have, once again, proven just how wrong they were.

The politicians and mainstream media spread lies about supposed Syrian oppression of Muslims – when in fact the only people being ‘oppressed’ were Muslim Brotherhood fanatics and terrorists. They are to blame for the ‘radicalisation’.

The politicians and security services who turned a blind eye as young men were recruited in cities like Paris and Brussels, expecting them to be sent to fight in Syria. They are to blame for turning angry young extremists into hardened killers. And for the actions of those who didn’t even go to Syria before becoming terrorists.

The bleeding heart liberals who opened the doors to a flood of ‘refugees’ and persuaded politicians that ‘returning fighters’ could be ‘reintegrated into society’, when in fact they need shooting like rabid dogs. They are to blame for the fact that killers like this are free to stalk our streets.

They are all to blame, but the root of the current explosion of terrorism is the belief that Islamist terrorism was some sort of card that could be played against a foreign government and then simply put back in the pack.

Sadly, many, many more will die at the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists before the dreadful consequences of this elite ‘foreign policy choice’ are all played out. Blowback? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

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