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Fake News media disgrace themselves yet again [videos]

The fake news mainstream media have disgraced themselves yet again with their appalling coverage of the mass slaughter of defenceless civilians by ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria at the weekend.
First up below, note the utterly despicable piece of reporting by Channel 4. Just “a bomb attack”, without a single mention of the fact that this was a sectarian attack by the ‘moderate rebels’ the liberals so love.
Indeed, from Channel 4’s captions, the mention that one of the injured was taken to a ‘rebel-held hospital’, (where, in all probability, he would have been shot or beheaded – as they do to ‘kaffir’ children) is clearly intended to give the impression that this attack was “another government atrocity”, when in fact it was carried out by Western-backed Islamists.

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Second, watch the CNN broadcast which refers to this vile massacre as a ‘hiccup’. Just how sick are these people? And how inattentive or stupid do they think their remaining viewers really are?

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 Finally, watch the ‘moderate rebels’ boasting about the slaughter. This is the footage the mainstream media didn’t let you see. These are the monsters on whose behalf the Pentagon and Jared Kushner persuaded Donald Trump to fire 59 Cruise missiles at Syria last week, risking war with Russia to do so. 


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