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Evil militants opened up a pregnant woman and raped her baby, says Yazidi activist


A Yazidi activist has recently shared the details of how her friend was brutally maltreated by Islamic State when the terror group took over her hometown in Sinjar, Iraq in 2014.

Speaking at the annual Women in the World Summit in New York City last Friday, Yazidi human rights activist Feryal Pirali narrated that one of her close friends had tried to stay in Sinjar until her family eventually realized that their lives were in danger.

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The family tried to escape right before ISIS captured the town, but Pirali’s friend could not keep up because she was pregnant at the time.

“When ISIS took over our town and they were trying to run away. Because she was heavy and pregnant and couldn’t run a lot, she told her family to save themselves and run away and she was going to walk slowly until she gets to where they are,” Pirali recounted, as reported by The Christian Post.

“Unfortunately, she didn’t make it. The ISIS people got her. What they did to her was they opened up her stomach. They opened her up and got her baby girl out. They raped the baby and they also raped her,” she continued.

Pirali said that her friend survived the ordeal, but her baby did not.

The activist, who left Sinjar in 2010 and who is currently residing in Nebraska, said that her friend’s story prompted her to advocate for hometown community.

She launched a Change.org petition urging former President Barack Obama to help save the over 3,200 women and children. The petition, which is now closed, has been signed by over 100,000 supporters.

Pirali also translated the ordeal of Shireen Ibrahim, who also hails from Mount Sinjar. Like many other Yazidi women, Ibrahim was also separated fro her family after ISIS took over the town.

To avoid being raped by the militants, Ibrahim told them that she was married to her cousin and that her little nephew was her child. Ibrahim also avoided taking a shower and drinking anything so that the militants would not get close to her, Pirali narrated.

When Ibrahim was transferred to ISIS territory in Syria, the militants wrapped her in a blanket, shot their guns around her and threatened to kill her.

The ISIS fighters told Ibrahim that they did not believe that she was married to her cousin. The militants took her cousin, and she has not seen him since. Ibrahim said that she has been sold five different times to ISIS militants for just $1.

Ibrahim eventually escaped from the militants, and she was able to reunite with some family members at a displacement camp in northern Iraq. She still does not know the whereabouts of about half of her 40 family members.

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