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Khan Shaykhun “sarin attack” – the pictures that don’t fit the Lying Press propaganda


Clearly something very terrible did happen in Khan Shaykhun, the town under ‘rebel’ control in Idlib Province now the centre of a world media firestorm, and the focus of a looming confrontation between the neo-cons now apparently firmly back in control of Washnigton DC on one side and the Russian government on the other.

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Equally clearly, no chemical attack was carried out by Syrian government forces, for two reasons: 1) They no longer possess such weapons and 2) the Syrian government is winning the war and has no possible motive for giving the ‘international community’ an excuse to come to the aid of the ‘rebels’.

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Given that the Russian Defence Ministry have been telling the world’s media for many weeks that the ‘rebels’ are making and using chemical weapons, the most likely option may well be that an Islamist improvised munitions factory was hit by an air force bomb or missile strike, releasing the chemicals accidentally. Alternatively, given the fact that more than 200 civilians were abducted in the province recently, there is also a serious possibility that the massacre was a ‘false flag’ attack from beginning to end.

There is certainly something strange if the atrocity was, as described by Western media, a sarin gas attack. Compare the first two photos below (from videos from Khan Shaykhun released by the so-called White Helmets) with the third and fourth pictures.

A full KTI Intelligence Report on Khan Shaykhun, exposing in detail the central role in the campaign to blame Assad played by the criminal journalist who gave the world the Saddam Hussein WMD lie, will be sent to all our members and to hundreds of journalists this weekend.

This is the sort of protective clothing needed if rescuers are not to join the victims when sarin is deployed. These were taken in the aftermath of the sarin attack on the Tokyo metro system…

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