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New York Times ‘Fake News’ Journo created ‘WMD’ AND ‘Syrian Gas Attack’ Hoax – KTI Intelligence Report


Imagine you were conned by a crook who stole a fortune off you and sent your son off to die with the same lie. Now imagine how angry you would feel if he came back years later and tried to do the same thing again – and the newspapers tried to cover up his record and identity to leave you in the dark about what was going on!

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Well, that’s EXACTLY what’s been done to Americans. Because the very same Fake News ‘journalist’ who was DIRECTLY and PERSONALLY responsible for lying America and her allies into the disastrous Iraq War was the same man who put into circulation that new lie that the Syrian government was responsible for the gas attack which led Donald Trump to launch 59 Cruise missiles against the people fighting Al Qaeda in Syria.

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But not a single mainstream media outlet has thought it worthwhile telling you the shocking fact that Donald Trump was conned into breaking his most important election pledge by the same New York Times reporter whose Iraq WMD lie cost America billions of dollars and the lives of over 4,000 of her bravest soldiers.

The KTI Intelligence Department has done the definitive account of this Lying Press treachery. The resulting Report was sent out to all our members last week. Here it is now for you. Once you’ve read it, rather than just seething with powerless anger, please PASS IT ON and help wake more people up.



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