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No escape! If war comes, it will become CIVIL WAR [video]


We stand on the brink of World War Three. It could start at any moment: In Korea; in Syria; between Japan and China; in eastern Europe. Any one of these flashpoints could provide the spark, but once it starts it is all too likely to spread like wildfire.

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Europeans especially need to understand that the current tensions could all too easily become a serious shooting war. And that, even if it doesn’t go nuclear, it is likely to end with every single major city in Western Europe in flames.

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Why? Because the neo-con warmongers seem to have given Donald Trump an offer he

can’t refuse. Nothing else explains the insanity of risking war with Russia by firing Cruise missiles at the people fighting Al Qaeda in Syria. The non-intervention policy to “Put America First” has been scrapped.

In the case of North Korea, it’s perhaps understandable, because North Korea IS a rogue state and something does have to be done. Even there though, Donald Trump needs to call an urgent meeting with the Russians and Chinese and work out a plan between them to deal with the problem that they all acknowledge. It shouldn’t be left to America to shoulder the costs, or the blame if it all goes wrong in Korea.

As for the conflict in Syria, the US intervention on the side of Al Qaeda and the ‘rebels’ is even more dangerous. As is the fact that President Trump has not acted to defuse the giant conflict bomb that the Obama/Clinton criminals planted in Ukraine by backing the Russian-hating neo-Nazis in Kiev.

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On Syria and Ukraine, electioneering Donald said all the right things. If he now listens to the ‘Deep State’ warmongers (and perhaps he has no choice, because they made it clear that they were ready to overthrow him if he didn’t do as they instruct) then war is all but inevitable.

And, even if it stays ‘just’ a ‘normal’ war, that will spell disaster for the whole of Europe, not just the east where Nato and Russian armies are squaring up to each other across the Russian border.

Because, if they start fighting, the armed forces of Western Europe will be effectively wiped out in a matter of days. Certainly long before any significant number of American reinforcements could arrive to try to pull their chestnuts out of the fire.

Which is where the agony of Europe would really start. Because that is the moment the thousands of Jihadi fighters who have infiltrated Europe among all those ‘refugees’ are waiting for. That is the moment they will strike, slaughtering hundreds of thousands, as they do to London, Stockholm, Paris and Rome what they tried to do in Aleppo and Homs.

How do we know this? Because we study not just events but also the mentality and deep beliefs of those who make events happen.

Which, in the context of what is coming to Western Europe, means the Wahhabi Muslim fanatics who are waiting to kick off a Europe-wide civil war by launching hundreds, if not thousands, of major ‘mass casualty’ attacks – just as soon as the armies and air forces of the West have been destroyed in a crazy Christian Brothers’ War with Russia.

Why? Because they believe in an ancient Muslim prophesy that “the Muslims and the Crusaders” will briefly form an alliance against Russia just before the End Times, and that that moment will immediately be followed by the Muslim conquest of “Rome”  – which they take to mean the entire West.

So with our tanks and warplanes lying burned and broken way off in eastern Europe, the Islamists will launch waves of brutal mass murder provocations intended to start civil war right across the West. They believe that radicalised young Muslims will then flock to their banners, giving them the raw manpower they need to seize control of the aging, defenceless West.

They have the leadership cells in place. They have the arms caches. They have the will. They are just waiting for the criminal folly of the West’s corrupt and arrogant ‘elites’ to give them the moment of opportunity. Then they will strike, and strike hard!

You will hear this warning again from the Templars, because there is no greater danger to Europe, and no-one else is even talking about it. So sound the alarm! Join the Knights Templar International. Because, if war comes, civil war will follow. There can be no escape, but there will be resistance! Deus Vult!

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