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Now UKIP Sells Out – Accepts Ritual Slaughter in SORDID Bid for Muslim Votes [video]


Ukip has sold the pass! New leader Paul Nuttall has officially DROPPED what Ukip members regarded as one of the party’s most important touchstone policies – a plan to BAN HALAL RITUAL SLAUGHTER!

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The United Kingdom Independence Party commitment to protecting animals from the appalling barbarity of ritual slaughter was seen by Nigel Farage’s army of ‘Kippers’ as a key symbol of the party’s anti-Establishment credentials. A sort of guarantee of Politically Incorrectness and a willingness to speak out and stand up against the creeping Islamisation of Britain.

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Halal and kosher ritual slaughter involve unstunned animals having their throats cut so that the suffer a slow and agonising death from pain, blood loss and choking on their own blood. The act is so barbaric that any ‘Unbeliever’ killing livestock in such a way would be jailed for animal cruelty. And rightly so!

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Even worse, Nuttall added insult to injury by failing to consult party members about the policy U-turn. Instead he slipped it into a special leaflet, delivered to Muslim households only, in the recent Stoke Central parliamentary by-election in which he was Ukip’s candidate.

Unfortunately for Paul Nuttall, however, an outraged Ukip member who heard about the betrayal went doo-to-door until she managed to get a copy of the leaflet, and – knowing both our opposition to Islamisation and that we have a big ‘reach’ into Ukip circles, sent it to the KTI.

Mindful of the outside chance that the leaflet could just be a ‘black propaganda’ trick by opponents of Ukip or Mr Nuttall, we sent him a copy and asked him to confirm or deny that it is genuine. He has, however, refused to reply, which tells us all that it is.

So Ukip has joined Britain’s other Establishment parties in craven surrender to the ‘minority’ demands to be above the law, and to be allowed to torture animals to death.

And Nuttall himself has made a revolting and dishonest attempt to grub up Muslim votes by offering an Islam-friendly policy to Muslim voters while trying to convince the English majority of his credentials as a hard-core opponent of immigration, multiculturalism and Islamification.

What is it about politicians? Can’t any of them stay loyal to their core support base and stick to their key pledges?

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