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“Organizing Marches & Painting Rainbow Flowers Solves Nothing. I Protect My People.” A PROPER leader responds to a threat to his country


Paris, London, Stockholm, Boston – every time there’s an Islamist terrorist attack, liberal politicians, clergy and snowflakes queue up to cry, light candles and scribble about ‘love’ on walls. Others, even stranger, decide to deal with the Islamists by bombing the people fighting them in Syria, instead of concentrating on securing the borders of their own countries.

But the Polish Minister in the short video below is clearly made of stronger and more sensible stuff.

His is the best contribution we’ve seen to the debate this week, second only to the words of Abdallah Ahmed, a Swedish police officer, who posted this on social media in response to the Jihadi truck attack in Stockholm and after he and fellow officers were stoned by ‘youths’ as they moved in to arrest the suspect:

‘To terror I want to say one thing, in pure Swedish: go to hell. My thoughts go to those affected in every way.

‘Do not pray for Sweden. Stand up for Sweden, fight for Sweden and die for Sweden.’

That’s the spirit!