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Resisting the Lying Media’s Fake News on Syria! [Truth Videos]


In the wake of last night’s decision by Donald Trump to turn US forces into Al Qaeda’s Air Force, the only good news is that the Internet is yet again alive with well-informed analysis that DESTROYS the lies of the discredited mainstream media. 

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This is important, because Trump is a populist before he’s a Deep State puppet. Hillary would have attacked Syria because she is wicked; Trump attacked Syria because he has been fooled by Deep State propaganda, and because he wanted to look decisive and tough compared to Obama. With him, it’s largely about image and popularity.

So if he sees enough of a hostile reaction to his shockingly bad decision on the Internet (which he knows got him elected) then it may make him wary of repeating his crime in Syria. So please take a minute or two to repost these videos to all your social media contacts.

Do your bit to fight the warmongering lies of the controlled media, and to make Donald Trump realise that killing young Syrian servicemen for the ‘crime’ of fighting Al Qaeda really isn’t a move that’s going to make him popular!

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