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The Unholy Alliance Against American Freedom – if Donald Trump has broken, this is why. KTI Intelligence Report


This shocking report lays bare the enormous pressure on Donald Trump from the ‘fake news’ media, Democrats, Soros-funded street gangs and the Republican elite. It was sent to KTI members on 10th March, when the President was resisting the waves of assaults fiercely.

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Reading it now gives a clue as to why Donald Trump changed direction so radically last week, unleashing Cruise missiles on the people fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda. It also sheds light on  his groundless criticism of Vladimir Putin.

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There is still an outside chance that ‘The Donald’ is still in charge and is buying himself relief from the pressure and time to prepare a counter attack. But, sadly, the sidelining of Steve Bannon and elevation of the globalist Jared Kushner makes that seen increasingly unlikely.

If the Trump Revolution has been derailed, many patriots will turn against its figurehead. But while he will not be without blame, it will be far more constructive if people understand the forces that were brought to bear against the populist insurgency. If our hero broke, is it any wonder when you see what he was up against? This KTI Intelligence Report sets it all out, for you…

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The Unholy Alliance Against American Freedom – 22 Mar 2017

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