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Treason! ‘Far-right’ party turns to Soros [video]

Hungarian born US billionaire and investor George Soros is seen before the start of his five-days long lecture at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary, Monday, Oct. 26, 2009. Soros, founder and Honorary Chairman of CEU, holds a five-part lecture series to unveil his latest thinking on economics and politics while providing insights into the recent financial crises. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

Another ‘far-right’ leader has sold out to the evil forces of globalism. Hungary’s Jobbik party has for years been regarded as one of the best patriotic parties in Europe. But Hungarian patriots are now in shock following the decision of Jobbik’s leader Gabor Vona (pictured below) to back GEORGE SOROS against the Hungarian government.

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The issue is the decision of Hungary’s traditionalist Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to fight back against the efforts of Soros to promote mass immigration, Islamisation and homosexuality in Hungary. The subversive billionaire is pouring money into supporting far-leftist front groups in the country where he notoriously collaborated with the Nazis as a teenager.

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As part of Hungary’s resistance to the Soros-EU assault on traditional values and national sovereignty, Orban has put forward a law which would close down the so-called Central European University in Budapest. This is in fact little more than a subversion factory, which turns out globalist intellectuals who then spread the virus of liberalism all over central and eastern Europe.

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When this ‘Lex CEU’ came up in the Hungarian parliament, Jobbik’s MPs shamefully voted with the small leftist parties, against the government and in favour of the right of Soros to subvert their own country and work towards a so-called ‘colour revolution’ to replace Orban and his patriotic Fidesz party with a liberal pro-Brussels puppet regime.

Many Jobbik militants had already left the party in disgust at its liberal drift. The latest betrayal has led many more to quit and also angered many Jobbik voters, who are also disturbed over Vona’s simultaneous and very confusing shift to supporting both Islam and Israel. As a result the party now faces massive losses at the next election, and a potential internal battle as the remaining genuinely patriotic elements organise to try to oust Gabor Vona and go back on the offensive against Soros and to save their party.

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