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Trump and Syria – lunacy and common sense [videos]


One hundred years to the day after President Woodrow Wilson broke his key election pledge to keep America out of World War One, President Trump broke his key election pledge to put America first and avoid fighting on behalf of foreign vested interest groups and the military-industrial complex.

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Why Donald Trump performed such a massive and dangerous U-turn on the basis of blatant and unconvincing propaganda is a mystery. Most likely, the Deep State and liberal elite have managed to surround him with bad advisors and are now back in control. This would be no surprise, as the Trump ‘insurgency’, while commanding huge grass-roots support, had no cadre of reliable allies to occupy the key positions.

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Possibly, the liberal elite have deliberately lured Trump into this most dangerous decision in the belief that it will shake his core support (correct) and help a future move to oust him on the basis that his judgement is dangerously unstable.

In either of those two cases, it is still just possible that Trump will realise his mistake and do another U-turn. However great our disgust at his taking the side of Al Qaeda in Syria, screaming abuse at him for doing so will not increase the chances of him seeing the light and kicking back against his ‘advisors’.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, it was a very cynical but very subtle piece of politicking with multi-level objectives to buy ‘time and space’ for a continued Trump Long War against the Washington DC/New York elite. That would be quite some gamble but, there again, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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If he has simply been swayed by bad advisors, President Trump should think long and hard about the wisdom of any action which is immediately praised by every single ‘Never Trump’ Republican traitor, by Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, CNN and the rest of the liberal media.

We hope Donald Trump remembers that for the last three months, every single one of these new ‘fans’ have been trying – quite literally – to create enough unreasoning hatred against him to get him assassinated.

Perhaps that’s why he felt he had to do something to get them off his back. If so, he would have done better to have had them all arrested for assorted acts of treason and corruption.

Whatever is behind the attack on Syria, it has certainly already produced some stunning and instructive contrasts. Here are two of the latest and best.

First up is homosexual psychopath Lindsey Graham being dissected alive by Tucker Carlson.

Graham came on to push the idea that Trump’s hostile, weird strike against Assad must now become policy, and that we need troops on the ground in Syria to fight both ISIS and Assad.

Tucker asked why he would be fighting both sides in a war, and he said then that he wouldn’t, he would only fight ISIS (which means what he is shilling for is unrelated to the recent Trump attack). He said that after we destroy ISIS we will then train “Syrians” (apparently, the people who used to be in ISIS) to fight Assad.

Graham’s lunacy extended to effectively backing up the serial war criminal McCain’s recent statement implying that it is not really a big deal if we go ahead and have a war in Russia.

Tucker asked him about the costs, which he did not want to speak to. In fact, he said he has no idea what it will cost and he doesn’t care. After all, why would he care? He’s not the one paying for it.

While Tucker’s evisceration of the moron warmonger Graham is great TV, we know that even watching this slime-ball is distasteful, so, just to get the bad taste out of your mouth, here’s one of the very few honest Democrats, Tulsi Gabbard (who should be Secretary of State), giving her ever-accurate and common sense take on the current situation:

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