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Brussels needs REALITY CHECK over ridiculous Brexit bill – Swedish MEP says EU should be paying the UK!


The European Union needs a reality check a Swedish MEP has blasted, as he argued the UK should be the ones demanding a Brexit bill from the failed bloc.

Peter Lindgren, of the Sweden Democrats, said Eurocrats were picking the sums “of the blue” and their demand for the UK to pay £85billion (€100bn) before the bloc agrees to a trade deal was ridiculous. Join today

Mr Lindgren said: “It’s ridiculous! I mean, common, everyone who has gone through a divorce knows that if you leave the house you have together, it’s the one who stays in the house that has to buy out the partner.

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“Now they are coming up with ridiculous claims, the numbers are picked out from the blue, there is no reality check at all.

“The size of the money they are talking about, it’s incredible, in this house there is no reality check what so ever.”

The eurosceptic MEP insisted the bloc was like a company the UK has invested in for decades and as the UK has decided to leave, it was time for Brussels to pay out the shares of its partner.

Mr Lindgren said: “I think if anyone should get some money for leaving the union, it’s the UK.

“For me, it’s like a company, the UK has invested a lot of money in the project during many years and so of course, the union will owe the UK.

“That is a lot of buildings that they own, that’s a lot of material and equipment the European Union own.

“So then they have to buy the UK out of their share so it is ridiculous to hear them say they want money. They are the ones that should pay money to the UK.”

Meanwhile, Mattias Karlsson, the group leader of the Sweden Democrats in the Swedish Parliament, reeled against Brussels’ decision to punish the UK with the massive sum.

Speaking last month, when the Brexit bill was still said to be £50bn, Mr Karlsson said EU leaders should respect democracy and honour the will of the British people.

He said: “It’s disgusting actually. I think we need Britain – all the European countries need Britain.

“We are cousins in a cultural sense, we have a lot of common interests and the British people have democratically chosen this path to leave the European Union.

“We should respect that and we should make the negotiations as smooth and friendly as possible. The signals that are now coming from the European Union, the leadership there, are just appalling.

“Threatening Britain and making remarks that are not respectful to the British people, I think it’s just sad.”

The right-wing politician, who’s party is polling in the top echelon of Swedish politics added there was a strong possibly of the EU sacrificing a trade deal to punish the UK for Brexit.

Mr Karlsson said: “Yes, unfortunately, it looks like that. It just stresses the fact that we have to get rid of the current leadership of the European Union.

“They are unworthy, they are not acting in the interest of European citizens and the respective nations.

“We should not have these kinds of negotiations, it would be much better if every country had negotiations with Britain rather than now being forced to obey the rules and the terms of the European Union.”

He added: “That’s just undemocratic and it’s a situation that cannot be tolerated anymore.”

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