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Unmarried couple buried and stoned to death by jihadists for ‘violating Islamic law’


An unmarried couple were buried up to their necks and stoned to death for ‘violating Islamic law’ by bloodthirsty jihadists.

Local officials say it was the first known execution to take place in Mali since 2012 as Islamic State (ISIS) fighters take hold of the country.

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Members of the public were invited to watch and take part in the barbaric execution in Taghlit, close to Aguelhok in the Kidal region.

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A source said: “’The Islamists dug two holes where they put the man and the woman who lived maritally without being married.

“They were stoned to death. Four people threw stones at them until they died.”

A local official said the unmarried couple, who lived together, were accused of violating ‘Islamic law’ – which requires punishment by stoning.

Jihadists seized key northern cities in March 2012, and although they were driven out by French-led military forces in 2013, they continue to rage terror in the region.

During their brief control of key towns in the north, women were forced to wear veils and were whipped, stoned and mutilated as punishment for transgressions.

The al-Qaeda-linked Ansar Dine group stoned a couple in public for having children outside marriage in Aguelhok in July 2012.

The Malian Association for the Defence of Human Rights (AMDH) condemned the stoning as “cowardly murder”.

Oumar Diakite, an AMDH official, said: “This is barbaric. The people who did this should be arrested and put on trial.”

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