Home Breaking News Barbaric ISIS murderers kill EACH OTHER in dispute over money

Barbaric ISIS murderers kill EACH OTHER in dispute over money


IF Islamic State brutes aren’t slaying innocent people, they’re killing EACH OTHER over money.

IN FIGHTING: ISIS turned on each other in a dispute over money and power
A total of 17 barbaric ISIS terrorists are dead after an internal clash over money and power in an Iraq town. Join today

Saeed Mamouzini, the media official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul, told Iraqi News there is a split among a faction of the regime following in-fighting.

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He said there were internal armed clashes in Mosel.

He said: “A clash broke out today between two parties of ISIS in Baaj region western Mosul on the background of problems because of money distribution and power.

“The first group was led by Abu Abdul-Rahman al-Afri and the other group was led by Abu Janah al-Musli.

“The clashes led to the death of 17 fighters from the two parties.

“The organization is witnessing a state of fragmentation and divisions among its leaders and its elements.”

It comes as a sick new video emerged of ISIS hanging four prisoners over a fire and burning them alive.

The video was released by ISIS social media accounts in a possible response to an ISIS fighter being burned alive by a member of an Iraqi militia.

The men, wearing orange jumpsuits, were hung over hot flames as evil ISIS jihadis watch on.

It is the latest in a string of sick propaganda videos released by the group.

Earlier this month a video was released of hostage Tomislav Salopek becoming the next victim of a long line of ISIS beheadings.

In June, the death cult filmed a horrifying film of four prisoners being caged and slowly submerged underwater until they drowned.

Even children are being forced to behead prisoners and primed for a future in ISIS through shocking propaganda films.

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