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Video: Magical animals returning to English countryside


Beavers were hunted to extinction in Britain 400 years ago but conservationists are striving to see them return to quiet waterways and play a positive role in natural cycles. 

Tree-gnawing beavers can be beneficial to other wildlife by creating dams and producing slow running areas of water where other wildlife can also flourish.

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Beavers are now established in several protected locations in Wales.  Devon Wildlife Trust are working hard to ensure their re-introduction, and last year announced the birth of another kit.

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Wildlife expert Chris, who spotted the mum and her baby, said: “I live locally and keep an eye out on the river, knowing they might be breeding this year. It is great news they are producing young.

“Last year beavers further north of the river produced three kits but this is the first one from this group at my end of the river.

“The youngster was clinging to mum’s back as she was swimming around and seemed very healthy and looking good so fingers crossed they will survive.” 

Beavers play a hugely valuable role in creating wetland habitats for a host of other native species. The footage below shows one of the wild beavers as filmed by Devon Wildlife Trust:

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