Knights Templars at Russian traditionalist conference

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Q: Why the western media is so hostile to all things Russian??

Russia has repeatedly been attacked by the global liberal elite for taking a stand for traditional Christian values on matters such as the protection of heterosexual marriage and the rights of children to life and to a proper family.

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The Russians have put up patiently with liberal lectures and with US and EU-funded pressure groups meddling in their affairs, but things are now changing and the Christians and traditionalists of Russia are organizing to push back.

As a result, last weekend saw several of our Templar brethren from a number of countries travelling to St Petersburg to attend the Russian International Conservative Forum. Its purpose was to provide a forum for politicians and thinkers united in their support of national traditions and in opposition to globalism. Also on the agenda were discussions on setting up a permanent joint Russian-European commission to co-ordinate the traditionalist fight-back against liberalism and the nation-wrecking agenda of the social Marxists and globalists.

In his opening address, Yury Luybomirsky of the Russian National Cultural Center explained that a key goal of all the participants was “to preserve national identity and culture,” and that independence from outside pressure and influence was essential for that purpose.


Russia was represented by such groups as the Russian Imperial Movement, New Russia, and the editor of nationalist magazine Russian Observer. There was also a contingent of Cossacks, dressed in traditional military uniforms. The captive nations of the EU were represented by a wide variety of nationalist parties, intellectuals and traditionalist campaigners.

There were more than 30 speakers, all of whom gave short, incisive speeches of about 10 minutes each. Most were in Russian, but the conference provided headsets for simultaneous interpretation into English. Speakers included elected Russian politicians from various levels and Members of the European Parliament from Greece and Germany.

Mikhail Remizo of the Russian Institute of National Strategy criticized the globalist bullying by the USA and EU, and criticized the impact of globalisation. He argued that a healthy middle class was vital to national identity, and that the post-crisis collapse of the middle class is a grave concern for all patriots.

Ironically, he said, nationalists fighting globalization must have a global strategy. By this he meant that those who believe in national identity must cooperate as widely as possible. It is the Right and not the Left, he added, that will fight the leveling forces of globalization and defend the traditions and culture of the West. He concluded by quoting Arnold Toynbee–“Civilizations are not murdered; they commit suicide”–noting that the West is approaching this point.

Alexey Zhivov is a coordinator for Fight for the Donbass, an organisation that supports Russians who are fighting in Eastern Ukraine to establish an independent republic to protect the ethnic Russian population of the area who would otherwise face brutal persecution by the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev. Like many of the speakers, he denounced the Ukrainian government, which he called “fascist” and under American control. American thinking is alien to that of Europe, he said, and Europeans must be free to pursue cultural and national independence. He called Russia the eastern pole of Western civilization, and said that it was prepared to help all Europeans.


Most of the European speakers were from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, a pan-national body that includes various hardline nationalist parties, all of whose representatives gave very level-headed and sensible talks which call into question the value of media allegations about “extremism”.

As well as the political messages the conference saw contributions on a variety of social issues. Jim Dowson of the UK-based Life League spoke of the moral and demographic crisis caused by abortion: “If you don’t have babies you have no future,” he said. “We need babies in order to survive.” He emphasised that Christianity is the traditional faith of the West and that without Christianity the West will not survive. He called it the vaccine against liberalism.
Victoria Shilova, who runs a humanitarian organization in eastern Ukraine called Antivoyna, gave a passionate account of her work as a Peace activist. She said she is a Ukrainian patriot, but that it is important to draw a distinction between the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people. She said that 90 percent of Ukrainians want peace and want to end the fighting on the basis of Minsk agreements signed by the two parties, but that there are forces in the Ukrainian government that want to keep fighting.

She explained that the true death toll as a result of the EU-backed war is around 15,000 people, of whom the majority are civilians. “Weapons will not solve our problems,” she said, “and this fighting could even lead to nuclear war, which would leave no place habitable.”

As well as the formal talks, many of the speakers gave extensive interviews to the crowd of Russian and international journalists who attended. Also very useful was the opportunity to network and make contacts for even closer co-operation in the future.

As a direct result, the leadership of our Order are now working  on plans to help Christian groups in Russia and to see if it is possible to provide aid to civilians in eastern Ukraine whose homes and lives have been wrecked by shelling and attacks by the U.S. puppet regime in Kiev.

It’s early days yet, but already the KTI are reaching out to help defend Christianity and traditional values wherever they are under threat. Every new member helps speed the development of our mission, so many thanks to the hundreds who have already joined and who continue to do so. Because the Time is at hand, and we will answer the call.

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