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Brexit Tories freeze out Farage. Bonus video – what the man who won the referendum thinks of Clinton

Fears of a Tory betrayal of the Brexit decision are growing. The senior Conservatives who ran the official Leave campaign today announced that they plan to shut Nigel Farage out of the negotiations with Brussels – despite the facts that it was Farage who secured the referendum vote in the first place and that Ukip has the largest block of Members of the European Parliament. Join today

The Ukip leader was expected to be central to negotiations in both his role as an MEP and as a prominent Brexit campaigner.

But the official Vote Leave campaign headed by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove was quick to distance itself from Mr Farage.

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In a deliberate and unbelievably arrogant snub that will horrify millions of Brexit voters, a senior Vote Leave source said: “Nigel Farage’s involvement has come to an end.”

Mr Farage responded: “I just don’t understand these people – they will never give me credit for anything.

“I have tried for nearly a year to work with these people and fight on a common agenda and they don’t want to know.”

Mike Hookem said the party’s 24 representatives in Brussels, including leader Nigel Farage, should be central to the negotiations.

He said: “It would be lunacy for Nigel Farage not to be involved in our renegotiation.

Perhaps not so much ‘lunacy’ as a sign that Boris and Gove are planning a ‘Brexit Lite’ deal that sells British interests out – wouldn’t that just be like a Tory?


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