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Brexit under attack


As 3 million liberal ‘fascist’ sign a petition to overturn the democratic will of the British people a far more serious attack is being orchestrated by the political elite in Westminster.

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Please understand that a referendum is NOT Binding on Parliament in law and now dark forces are at work to rob the people of Britain of their democratic mandate. Those behind it are from all parties and there are very powerful outside influences also at work.

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Our FREEDOM was not free, millions died to establish our rights, now we may be pushed into defending our democracy. I for one will gladly offer my lifeblood to ensure our democracy is upheld.

Even the hard left socialists have said they will man the barricades, shoulder to shoulder with the right wing should the corrupt politicians and liberal elite attempt to ride roughshod over our democratic mandate and institutions.

Watch, listen and prepare folks or you can tell your children that they are now slaves!

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